Meet the Maker

Sense by Cin candles embody a journey of strength, joy, and purpose.

Founded by a Survivor, Sense by Cin is dedicated to supporting domestic violence & sexual assault Survivors through donations and awareness, advocating for social reform through education and community events, and amplifying the voices of the under-served. With carefully crafted candle art, home decor products and more, Sense by Cin encourages body positivity and body acceptance through nude art & decor. 

Photos by: Nadia Noelle Photography
Instagram: @nadia.noellephotography
Candles for a Cause
Your purchase supports Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Survivors, social justice groups, and women's health organizations; making every candle a symbol of positive change.
Positivity in Every Glow

Sense by Cin advocates for body positivity, inclusivity, and promotes social reform through education- making every flicker a symbol of love, acceptance, and celebration.


Illuminate your life with candles that tell a story.
Join me in spreading resilience, joy, and Sense with a purpose. 
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Paying it forward


including physical donations & more.
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Inspire Yourself. Inspire Others. Rest & Repeat.